About “neann”


It is not my real name or group name. “neann” represents what I want to tell as an artist. The name “neann” is derived from a Japanese word “nekura”, which can be pronounced [ne-ann]. It means a person who has a negative attitude. Why such a strange name? Well..,when I feel down, I often look at myself deep down to the bottom of my heart, where I can see the feelings of tenderness and sadness lie. We often mask our true feelings in the society. By using the name “neann”, I can freely reveal my honest feelings.





Born in 1983

Designer, Artist

Started work as a graphic designer and eventually established as an artist

Also write poems inspired by art

Create an unique world of fantasy – dark, melancholic yet cute and sweet


My works are exhibited in art galleries as well as on the internet






To you

Thank you for visiting my exhibition.


My works represent my true feelings and emotions – happiness, sadness, memories in the past and the thoughts for the future.

If you are interested in my works, please contact me. Your support will inspire me to greater works.


Thank you again and have a nice day!